Friday, November 23, 2007

Desserts from Iris' Green Fest!

In the spirit of festivities, hope that you all had a happy Thanksgiving and here are some nourishing bites from my recent visit to the Green Festival - (IMPORTANT NOTE - OUR VOCAB & FINAL IS BELOW THIS POST!)

*Mushrooms can save the world, visit -,,, and Amazing book by Paul Stamets is Mycelium Running (available from public libraries).

*Farm Bill -,

*Really great local affordable herbal healthcare clinic -

*Regional source for herbs including locally grown Chinese herbs -

*Local food sources -,,,

*Shop locally -

*Positive Local Banking -

*Local alternative power initiatives -, especially Community Choice energy -

*Community Dialogue - (from a UAS event) -,,,

*Cohousing and intentional communities -,,,,,

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