Sunday, September 21, 2008

Precis: The God of the Digerati by Jedediah Purdy

The basic gist of the argument by Purdy is simply that Wired Magazine is continually finding new ways to etch and amend its' own 'future' epitaph; particularly in dealing with the common ethos that perpetuates the self important nature of its readership as well as justify its very existence as a cultural touchstone.

The audience that is primarily pitched to would be the general readers of the magazine and the already established cultural and political critics of the rag. It does not necessarily respond to anticipated objections as much as it plays into the neo-sincere counter-counterculture thread which was heating up during this period of post 911 soon to be 'shock & awe' - but computers can save us all
reality .

It is hard differentiate the generalized argument and the stakes of the author who is directly invested in the comparative critique of the rising neo-tribalism electro-cult-capitalists.

This article at its heart seemed to be a direct attempt at shooting a verbose golden arrow into the head of the then editor Kevin Kelly.

In light of the current financial crisis it is easy to side with the author as many of his claims and cited historical cycles seem to becoming to fruition as we discuss these very topics.

In retrospect, Purdy is kicking a half-dead horse. By this I mean to say that print magazines were becoming much more self aware of the unsustainable economic model to which they had previously depended. Wired is attempting to financially grow and support itself through the changing economy and basic neo-Nietzschean philosophy that is its' own propaganda.

This is another case of the digital-dragon swallowing its own 'tale.'

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