Saturday, May 21, 2005

GET YOUR DIPLOMA FOR FREE!... ONLINE!... The Free Online University

this is most relevant to the class we had.

if providing structured education on the internet for free (like totally excellent teachers with radical lessons holding hella chill classes in chat rooms) interests you please read over the universities philosophy and structure or get involved in the deletion debate which arose soon after the schools founding.

i can confirm that the university is not only real but something which much collective thought and effort will, and is, going into. my friend walter, the creator, has been talking about this idea for a few years. so from my perspective, walter being a very influential friend genius in my life, learning of his idea becoming officially founded is exciting because that move represents the first move. walter does not fuck around.

it seems i will be teaching a (still undetermined) class in the first wave. this is a huge experiment but if anyone is interested in teaching, or being a student, contact me.

on one last note when thinking beyond the obvious utopic beauty in free structured classes online (and fully archived!) via irc i see some great subversive potential. folks who did not attend college, perhaps they felt going into debt / having to serve corporate america 9-5 was a trap, could truthfully claim on lets say a job application that they graduated, or at least received some credits, from the university. in some instances i could see this passing and working in THE PEOPLES favor.

johnny wishes you all well.
it is all beautiful.
signing off. . .

Monday, May 09, 2005

This is it.

Hey, check this place out. Tomorrow's the last day, people. Definitely bring your final papers and any other odds and ends you may have on hand. We'll try to tie together the loose ends and talk through the major themes and finish up Smart Mobs. Any final questions, comments, perplexities, flights of fancy -- tomorrow's your last chance!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Tomorrow's Class

We're coming down to the wire folks. Is anybody giving an in class presentation tomorrow? Anybody handing in late writing assignments? We'll be talking about the next two chapters (5-6) of Smart Mobs and talking about your final papers. You should have a thesis in mind and we'll talk about what the final papers should be shaping up as.