Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Just to be clear...

The final paper isn't due until the last day of class -- I understand that there was some confusion about that.

Phillip Zimbardo VS. Artur Zmijewski

I recently went to a lecture, which was a conversation betwwen Phillip Zimbardo a professor of Psychology at Stanford and the man behind the Stanford prison experiments, and Artur Zmijewski a Polish artist who re-enacted the experiment in Poland with unemployed Polish men. Zmijewski's video Repitiions is the product of this experiment and is showing at the Wattis right now. Zmijewski recently represented Poland in the Venice Bienniale. He is an extrememly controversial artist, the subject matter of his videos being anything from disabled children to naked people playing tag in a gas chamber in Auschwitz. I think Artur is doing some interesting stuff, I'm not completely sold on him being simply fucked up, but the tragedy is that he is terrible at speaking about his work, and seems to end up saying (in the lecture I saw, and interviews I've read) that artists are not subjected to the same kind of responsibility with people/ images of people that someone like a scientist would have to be. I don't know if there is any way to get the transcribed lecture, but i'll look into it. His video is showing right now and will be up until Feb. 21st, I'd be really interested in hearing what anybody thinks of it, and what it means to art, Zmijewski's career, etc.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Wendy Brown

For Thursday, I would like everybody to read the first two and then the final two short pieces of the Brown book Politics Out of History. For those who are curious, if we had stuck to the syllabus and devoted another week to the Brown I would have also assigned Chapters 4 and 5. But as it is this will give us plenty to talk about. The Chapters for Thursday, then, are "Politics Out of History," "Moralism as Anti-Politics," "Democracy Against Itself," and "Specters and Angels." Enjoy!