Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Essay Idea

Now that I of course have decided to do something entirely different from the ideas I got from the exercise we did in class...

I was thinking of writing an essay about the way Fanon, in Black Skin White Masks, creates a cyclical movement of awareness of the body and the mind. He speaks of psychosis (mental) of the black man caused by the way his body (physical) is treated by white people. He also speaks of the image of the black man imbedded in the subconscious (mental) of the woman with the nervous tics (physical). The way the black man is made to become acutely aware of his body reminds the reader of his/her own mental/physical relationship with the book as they read it, and this causes a very real, direct, bodily conversation between the book and the reader, causing the reader to experience CHANGE. I know this kind of sounds basic, but I am still thinking of the "therefore" for all of it. What does it mean, what does it meeeeaaan?!

Another avenue I might go down is the way Fanon deals with the impossible. The black man is in a way impossible, nonexistent yet existent. The fact that Fanon references poetry, a language that express impossible things, to support his very psychoanalysis-influenced work, is another way in which he expresses an impossiblity, thereby proving its possiblity. This results in the text becoming almost a proof of the possibility for change. This relates to the quote from Marx at the beginning of chapter 8. There are other examples, I think...

this is so preliminary. Do either of them make sense? Do they make you want to scream "so what?" Eh?

Thanks for your input and I would love to hear about yours,