Monday, January 31, 2005


Remember that for tomorrow we are going to briefly return to the short Peter Lunenfeld essays in The Digital Dialectic, after which we'll move on to Michael Heim's essay from that volume, assigned for tomorrow on the syllabus, "The Cyberspace Dialectic." Newcomers and slackers who have not yet gotten a couple of pages to me on the Laurie Anderson piece we discussed last week, definitely throw something together for me for tomorrow. Again, this shouldn't be anything to break a sweat over, just a first contact with your writing for my own use. Also, tomorrow we are going to discuss Walter Benjamin's "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction." The piece is already familiar to some of you, is anthologized in a bazillion places, and is also available for you to read and print out online. (If you still have problems getting your hands on it, e-mail me. That's obviously a lot to cover, so we might get a bit behind already in the syllabus -- which, eventually, may mean I'll start dropping some stuff out. For now, though, I still want to try to keep up.

There are still a few of you who need to sign on to the blog, and if there are technical issues frustrating you let me know. Also, I'm very happy to see your contributions appearing here (they're certainly much more interesting than the administrative crud I tend to post here) -- keep the contributions coming! And don't forget to click on the sites in our blogroll on the sidebar, and blog your impressions of stories and conversations you find interesting and relevant to the themes of our course. We'll talk tomorrow first thing about our blog, Creative Commons, and about stuff in the other blogs you may have stumbled upon. Looks like another full day coming tomorrow.

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