Monday, January 24, 2005


Remember that I'm expecting a short piece of writing from you all tomorrow, a brief reading of the Laurie Anderson lyric stapled to the back of the Syllabus I handed out last week. I only expect a couple of pages and this isn't the sort of thing you should sweat over particularly. I'm just trying to guage writing levels, interests, and that sort of thing. The paper isn't graded but contributes to your final participation grade.

Since students can continue to add the class for over two weeks, it is possible that some students may be attending class for the first time tomorrow, and we'll find some way for you all to do the assignment. All these details will work themselves out soon enough.

Everybody please sign onto the blog as soon as you can. E-mail me if you are having trouble locating textbooks, signing up for the class, or signing onto this blog, or have other questions. (You can also reach me through the "Comment" button at the end of this post.) Also, remember that I have assigned the two short Peter Lunenfeld essays from "The Digital Dialectic" (the Introduction to the volume and the first Chapter) for our discussion tomorrow. Read them and have a few questions or comments or impressions in mind to talk about if you want to avoid listening me to drone on for three hours Tuesday morning...

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