Monday, February 14, 2005


For tomorrow: Brook is, if I remember correctly, going to give the first of our in-class presentations on an essay by Richard Barbrook and Andy Cameron called "The California Ideology." It is available in more than one version online, but here's a link to one of the versions in case you haven't looked it over already and want to find it. I can't guarantee that this is the same version Brook will be taking as his point of departure. Since we're going to devote some of the class to a discussion of the piece everybody should at least give the thing a looksee.

Also, we will be discussing the Katherine Hayles essay from The Digital Dialectic. I think it's an important essay, so I'm looking forward to hearing your comments on it.

I'd also like to take a vote on the issue of which Creative Commons license we want to tack onto our blog -- if any (here's a link to a page that summarizes the options).

In our blog roundup early on I'll be interested to hear what you guys think of the Blogracking issue, how it relates to Folksonomy and some of the other topics we raised last time round, and I wouldn't mind getting your impressions of this piece I found on Social Design Notes, about online activism.

Many of you still haven't posted anything to the blog at all, by the way. What's up with that? See you tomorrow.


John said...

I'm interested in hearing your impressions, too.

Dale Carrico said...

Well, in very general terms the piece is a good resource, gathering together quite a lot of useful information in a concise way that enables you to grasp connections between issues of access, technical capacities, and other political quandaries, in both abstract and geopolitical frames.

For more specific impressions, I'd want you to zero in on particular sections, claims, etc.

There's definitely material for any number of useful discussions in the piece, I'd say.